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We understand the effort that goes into planning an event. The following information is designed to streamline the process to help save you time. Contact us if you have any further questions.

Stage Plot & Line Up
The Free Rads Band is a 5-member Rock & Pop Cover Band.

Drums & Backing Vocals
Lead Guitar & Vocals
Rhythm Guitar & Keyboards
Lead Vocals

Bass Trombone

Location - Travel
The Free Rads Band is based in Fort Lauderdale, FL performing in venues throughout South Florida from Martin County to the Keys.  For larger events, the band is available to travel throughout the country.

Set Information & The Live Show
The Free Rads Band is available to play 1 -5 sets of music of approximately 45 -50 minutes each. We play an eclectic blend of rock and pop songs that entertain a broad audience range. Versatility is what we are known for with the unique ability to entertain audiences in a broad range of venues from stadium tailgate parties to city festivals to corporate events and weddings. Performances are high-energy with show-stopping guitar solos, powerful male and female vocals and all around fun for the entire audience on the dance floor.

Pricing Information
To book The Free Rads Band, call 954-240-6083 for an estimate.